Danielle Lucier

Lucier Photography is an award winning, multiple published wedding photography service that pushes boundaries between documentary and fine art.


As a former photojournalist, documenting weddings comes as second nature to Danielle. Yet a passion for art, posing and editing adds a beautiful and surprising elegance.

“Capturing the Moments You Feel”

Published in Blush, Bridal Fantasy, Praise Wedding, Like Magazine, Magpie Darling, Opalus, Sugar Kiss, Canadian Country Magazine, Fashion Faces, and the Edmonton Sun  

I first picked up a camera in college. At the time, I was studying journalism, and we were told to take the school’s cameras out around campus to get a feel of them. I still remember that day; it was fall and the air was crisp with a wonderful breeze. I stumbled upon these beautiful rolling hills with a tiny stream running through. It was then I realize a camera allowed me to capture beauty the way I saw and felt it, and I still shoot according to the way I feel in the moment. Since the lens allows me to get in close, I often get to experience beauty and love at such a heightened level.

I think I have an interesting blend of styles. I definitely have a natural photo-journalistic approach to my photographs, but since I tend to work a lot with models, I've found I also have a fashion/editorial style - and then, of course, my editing seems to lean to a creamy vintage feel. So it seems to be an even blend of non-related styles that work.

I seem to get questioned a lot on being a photographer and whether or not photography is important. I think that so much emotion can be evoked through one photograph. Memories can be so fleeting and it’s important to be able to savor the moments that matter. To be able to capture moments and time and share them through generations is such an amazing gift that often times people take for granted.

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